When you say “seaside town” the town is immediately identified by the surrounding body of water. That town is it’s water, there’s no separating the two.

Besides being a natural resource, the sea creates a state of being. It doesn’t just end where land begins. Instead the land receives the sea, lets it modify its borders and allows the constant evolution of everyday existence to happen. Imitating what occurs to all human life our planet, all the time.


Change is always present, in what we build, we eat, we write, we think, in the songs our grandparents sang at the local pub, which today maybe our kids are singing.

Trieste is a seaside town, brimming with people. We’re talking about people who don’t just work in Trieste, but firstly, live in Trieste. Maybe they were born here, or maybe they’re here for just a bit, perhaps for work or as a tourist. Others don’t know it yet, but they’re destined to come. Maybe some people we will bring here ourselves.

Il faro della Vittoria che domina il Golfo di Trieste (foto Marco Milani - Turismo FVG)

Trieste is our city, and it’s arguably one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Italy, therefore, also in Europe. We believe that the world needs to get to know our amazing natural resource, the sea. A proper introduction, so to speak, in order to allow people to appreciate the exciting and dynamic side of the sea.


The side of the sea that is so important to the local economy – the port, logistics, shipping, ship construction – is probably not within reach to the masses. Instead, the beaches, swimming, and suntanning are big hits. But the sea is also sailing, boating, and navigating…and this is where our mission, with the brand Sail Yacht Consulting, begins.