Maritime School


SYC has created a Maritime School because there wasn’t and with the technical consultancy of a legendary sailing figure in Trieste. Our concept is to develop “men and women of the sea” who are then better off on land as well. First a sailor, then the yachtsman.

marinai vespucci

A Man, his Boat, his Crew, and the Sea. The curriculum and personality of the instructor and his staff guarantee that the students will absorb the material as a set of values and not simply techniques.

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In these training modules above, SYC will have the precious collaboration of internationally renowned yachtsmen.


SYC wants the Maritime School to be a place where life experiences are exchanged, probably the best method of teaching so far. In fact, SYC will organize events with sailing personas that will share their stories and what they have learned from them. We want it to be interesting like a good film, engaging like an meaningful conference, and pleasurable like a drink with friends.


Upon request, SYC can prepare any lesson that is suitable for the needs of the “sailor”.