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Who works with this brand – Sail Yacht Consulting – wants people to be able to navigate in the best possible way. Not only with sailboats, but with any type of vessel.

We want people to get the best out of their boating experience, navigating in this exceptional gulf, discovering all of its marvelous secrets. Mooring at its many, little docks. Not stopping at snorkeling but discovering the underwater world through scuba.


Exploring the gulf on a brand new modern vessel or perhaps on a historic gem, in perfect condition. Exploring the coastline always keeping conservation in mind, knowing that all of this beauty needs to be handed down to those who come after us.

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The hinterlands need to be “discovered” as well, the food, art, wine, history, and culture. Aquileia, Collio, the Triestino Karst, and the Istrian penninsula.

Vela, Storia e poi,magari, un bagno sotto il Castello.

The Gulf of Trieste, due to its extraordinary facilities, is the mandatory starting point for short cruises between Istria and Venice, or for those arriving from Greece, Puglia, or beyond.

 Casoni in Laguna
Casoni in Laguna

Sailing requires three elements: nautical know-how, the actual boat with all of its accessories, and the constant maintenance of the vessel. Years of experience on the sea translates into being humbled by nature. It is with this humbleness and the highest level of professionalism, that we at SYC offer our services to help satisfy these three essential sailing needs. We are an exceptionally competent team that has endless technical solutions paired with innovation. SYC wants to provide the best solutions for all types of boat enthusiasts.


The beginner, who knows how to sails but maybe wants to perfect a specific technique. The expert yachtsman, who wants to compete in races. The boat owner who is looking for the ideal yacht or maybe wants to sell the one he has. The boat enthusiast who wants to help restore his classic vessel to its original splendor, or maybe wants to build a boat from scratch. For each one of these profiles, SYC, can offer a tailor made solution.


SYC, together with a team of professionals, hopes to help disabled people or those with a specific handicap, enjoy the sea as well. In fact, a percentage of our time and skills are to be given to an initiative with this specific social cause in mind.