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Sailing and therapy


The sea and sailing as adjuvants in the treatment of people with more or less accentuated and treatment of behavioral problems psycho-motor disorders. The water program is developed in collaboration with professionals who follow that kind of diseases and disorders. For the practical part will be used boats equipped with ad hoc design solutions, in collaboration with the Onlus EasyAction.

a mix of sailing and theory 

Sailing and wellness

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Sailing as part of a set of activities aimed at maintaining the psychological well-being or for its recovery, within a beautiful program from a center of excellence, which makes use of knowledge, methods, tools, state of the art. The program – appropriately customized – is proposed to the individual but also to Institutions / Companies: in this case according to the principles of “Corporate Wellness” and with the aim to combine the well-being of staff efficiency of work performance.
a mix of theory and sailing

Racing and tactics

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A course intended for those who wish to approach the world of racing, to learn and improve new maneuvers, improving technical and competitive level in the preparation, development and adjustment of the boat.

Topics: the racing sails – different conduction mode – special adjustments – the upwind and downwind controls – tactics and race strategy – simulation of start – electronic navigation systems – the Racing Rules of Sailing – the different maneuvers to hoist and lower the gennaker and spinnaker.

long weekend before regatta