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Yacht hardware and fitting consulting


For the hoice of accessories, so as to ensure the Customer: the most suitable products – the best quality/price ratio – the newest and functional products. Sometimes surprising, not always easy to find and perhaps little known or completely unknown: whether it’s high-tech or rather simple objects, still be able to improve the functionality, safety, the boat’s performance and the quality of life on board.


Custom yacht consulting


Project management for a complete assistance to the owner that, in a wide range of measures, wants to create a 100% boat “custom made”, including monitoring implementation starting from the drawing board – even participating in the construction of the same – up to launch and of course after the launch. Involving well-known designers and emerging talents, available also for work on existing hulls, we will provide the Customer the most current solutions based on the use of wood, reinterpreted in a modern key – “WOOD LINE YACHT CONSULTING by SYC “- epoxy resins, carbon, innovative basalt fiber. This will accomplish relatively quickly and at a low cost secure, fast, elegant boats.



KNOWLEDGE, data and informations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  EXPERIENCE, the                                                                                                                                                              connection between

conoscenza-1             esperienza

  • Consulting, no sale. Services, no products. Method, no chatter.

    Relationships with designers, shipyards, sailors: the best in Italy and the world. Skills acquired in almost forty years of sailing and boating at high level. In a word, expertising.


    So, knowledge and experience give everyone the right solutions

    Knowledge and experience produce different solutions


    Therefore, the application of this to the customer expectations has a name: consulting. “Do you want the most appropriate at the fair price boat? Do you want the best solutions, training, assistance, development?”

    These, essentially, are the questions to ask your customer, after an appropriate process of analysis. For example, suppose that the need is to buy a boat here, SYC can also dedicate a month to his goal, by applying the intangible heritage, made of knowledge, we have defined expertising. And then the result will not be a code on the page of a catalog, but the ideal boat for that customer.