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Yacht hardware and fitting consulting


For the hoice of accessories, so as to ensure the Customer: the most suitable products – the best quality/price ratio – the newest and functional products. Sometimes surprising, not always easy to find and perhaps little known or completely unknown: whether it’s high-tech or rather simple objects, still be able to improve the functionality, safety, the boat’s performance and the quality of life on board.


Custom yacht consulting


Project management for a complete assistance to the owner that, in a wide range of measures, wants to create a 100% boat “custom made”, including monitoring implementation starting from the drawing board – even participating in the construction of the same – up to launch and of course after the launch. Involving well-known designers and emerging talents, available also for work on existing hulls, we will provide the Customer the most current solutions based on the use of wood, reinterpreted in a modern key – “WOOD LINE YACHT CONSULTING by SYC “- epoxy resins, carbon, innovative basalt fiber. This will accomplish relatively quickly and at a low cost secure, fast, elegant boats.